April 18, 2016



Be Inspired. Create Change.

Presented by the Industry Innovators: Ray Civello, Peter Gray, Lupe Voss and Frank Rizzieri. The Catwalk for Water showcased hair inspired by water and editorial fashion created from earth-friendly materials. Peter, Lupe and Frank created hairstyles that focused on reduced, reused and restyled looks that aimed to raise $30,000 for WaterAid Canada.

The Catwalk for Water partnered with Mont Pellier - Global Fashion Platform and local Toronto designers to create a fashion show built on the foundations of our Mission at Aveda and in the spirit of giving back this Earth Month Campaign. The Designer Challenge for Catwalk for Water highlights Aveda’s commitment to sustainable practice in the fashion industry and introduces new talent in the Toronto fashion design community.

Media Buzz - guest judges from established bloggers, style entrepreneurs and editors of various relevant Magazines were in attendance.

The show included: 30 models, 24 students and 24 designers.

All Access Participants were paired with a fashion designer who created a runway look with 100% recycled and reclaimed denim.

Fashion designers also competed for an incredible prize at the Catwalk For Water Event. Our event Sponsor, Mont Pellier, provided funding for production to the winning designer to develop an eco-friendly + sustainable collection to promote and sell. The looks were judged by a panel of Canadian and Internal Fashion Elite.

One of Aveda Institute Toronto Students, Quincy raised over $600 for Earth Month as she advertised through social media platforms, and to friends and family. Doing donation haircuts and beard trims for $5, Quincy used her personal connections to raise money.

Back Stage Student Experience - Catwalk For Water

Uncertain about a career path… Quincy started at Aveda Institute Toronto in January 2016.

In October 2016 she will be graduating from the Institute and is aiming to attend the Academy Program starting November 2016.

“There are limitless opportunities…no doors are closed here”

When researching schools, AIT was a clear standout as "the atmosphere speaks for itself" and Quincy could feel how welcoming and energizing the space is here.

“Fellow students and educators are the reason I am grounded. The open door mentality is so supportive and integral to my time here”.

Aveda Institutes take pride in providing immediate submersion in the industry, tangibility, and in the moment learning.

“I chose hair because in university…I felt like a number. Aveda is one on one. Its personal, its real. It gives you the confidence you need to perfect your craft through a customized learning experience”

Goal: To become an educator. Become an advanced grad first…having the end in mind. Ultimately would love to travel and explore international opportunities.

I enjoy how fast pace it is, creating a dynamic environment. Not every day looks the same. Perfect balance between structured routine and different learning experiences

Started at the institute at 7am the day of the show, helping Aveda Innovators ready 30 models…and was backstage by 4:30pm. Steaming capes, getting trolleys ready. Observing everyone working together and so many moving parts collaborate for an awing result was a humbling backstage experience, Quincy says. All hands on deck created for a chaotic but down to earth environment! Overall, fantastic experience that has only propelled Quincy's passion for the industry.