August 29, 2016



Carley had an affinity with hair ever since she was a young girl. Her exposure to the hair industry started early when she worked at her uncle’s hair salon in Ottawa. By the time Carley was 16 years old she had a youth apprenticeship. In grade 11, she would attend her morning classes and would spend her afternoons in the salon. She took only university courses to appease her parents until she attended Algonquin College to satisfy her wish to graduate from the Hairstylist Diploma Program.

After she graduated Carley started working at Rinaldo’s, a big salon in Ottawa. From a family-run environment to high-end salon, Carley got to experience the contrast at both ends of the spectrum. When she discovered it would take a long time to advance as an individual stylist Carley quit thinking; “I don’t want to spend 5 years as an assistant”.

 Throughout her adolescence and young adulthood, Carley was consistently getting her hair done at an Aveda Salon and was using Aveda products. Her adoration of the brand was strong long before her connection with the company.

 [Love the Product, Love the Company, Love the Mission]

 Carley’s repertoire of work experience allowed her to train junior stylists whilst developing as a creative individual. It was during the guidance of associates that Carley really blossomed. She felt like she had finally found her niche but not in a sustainable environment. When she was working at Trade Secrets, she started researching opportunities in hair education. The Aveda Institute Calgary caught her attention and she never looked back.

 Carley reached out to Sara Holt, Director of Aveda Institute Calgary, to apply for the program. She was insistent on travelling to see the school and apply. Moving from Ottawa to Calgary was not an easy choice, a decision that would separate Carley from her hometown & family. A risk she was willing to take for a shot at a fulfilling career. Diving in with both feet, Carley has no regrets and accredits her educator position for re-energizing her passion for hair and teaching.

 As a 24 year old, Carley thrives as an educator. Her young age can sometimes misrepresent her experience but it is exactly what makes her relatable to her students. Her ability to level with them makes her knowledge sharing applicable and valuable.

“There’s always a reason over an excuse” 

 Recipe for success: Find your reason and stop making excuses, your purpose will follow!

 Carley’s first class of Aveda Institute Students is graduating this October, with at least half of her class graduating with honours. Carley describes her role at the Institute as:

[ The best job satisfaction I’ve ever known. You won’t find another company like this: Vacation pay, benefits, starting everyday with wellness, made this career move possible" ]

Carley’s attitude remains positive and open. She explains the importance of being able to adapt in order to grow. The training to become an educator is extensive and crucial in acquiring a new meaningful skill set. It's challenging in all the right ways and has assisted Carley with making sure her students will succeed and are employable!

“They wanted to make me better, through a very transparent process”

 Carley’s advice is to ask for regular feedback and stay focused on what you excel at. Taking chances exposes opportunities you didn’t even know existed.

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