April 18, 2016



Sherman Wong was born in Hong Kong, raised by 2 very traditional Asian parents who were dedicated to encouraging a bright and lucrative future for their son. When Sherman moved to Canada for a fresh beginning, he became more influenced by society and personal aesthetic. Initially yearning for a job in the fashion industry, Sherman was held back by his sketching capabilities that didn’t quite match the depth of his imagination. Instead, Sherman was interested in pursuing a trade that reached beyond his innate skill-set of math and science.

Attending university at the young age of 17 continuously challenged Sherman to suppress his inner passion for hair and creativity. With traditional parents fostering the idea of success, hair school was not an option they supported. Sherman’s dream of attending the Vidal Sassoon Educational Centre in the UK was entirely abandoned by the rational and risk-free decision to focus on his strengths that were certain to providing a promising future.

During his time at university, Sherman decided to take off one full term of school to work in a salon and explore his affinity with the hair industry. This experience improved Sherman’s overall happiness and quality of life. After one short term at the salon that ended too soon, Sherman went on to graduate with First Honours in a Bachelor of Applied Science in Computer Engineering. Post graduation, Sherman was confronted with several opportunities that aligned with his degree. It came at no surprise that his education and knowledge landed him a job in Silicon Valley as a Computer Science Engineer Tech. Logically, Sherman took this reputable job and decided to put the hair dream on hold.

After 2 successful years working in Silicon Valley, Sherman finally decided he couldn’t avoid his passion any longer. Ray Civello’s first hair school, Aveda Institute Toronto opened for it’s first class, and naturally Sherman applied. With a lighter heart and even more motivation, Sherman was at the top of his class graduating AIT in 2008 and the Academy in 2009. Inspired by Senior Creative Director, Tristin Morrison, Sherman believes Tristin’s mentorship rests at the foundation of his career and was the ultimate driver to help him succeed within the industry. The technical aspect of hair is what intrigued Sherman most, effortlessly marrying his methodological and creative strengths. The Aveda Institute and Academy program provides strong technical knowledge with a tactical approach that propels the overall learning experience. With dedication to the craft and effectively utilizing all resources, Sherman worked tirelessly for the opportunities he received.

“The resources are there to support your dream. Don’t be afraid to make it happen!”

Through Sherman’s journey, multiple sacrifices were made to follow through on the goals he set out for himself.

"It takes time to cultivate connections and commit to on-going learning, even outside of a school atmosphere."

After 3 years as Assistant Creative Director for the Aveda Institute Toronto, Sherman Wong moved on to become Creative Director in 2014. He most recently moved to the Aveda Institute Vancouver in 2015 and currently resides there. Sherman shares his expertise in the field, teaching his craft to aspirational students driven to get involved.

“Being an educator feels like my responsibility. When I am teaching and training people in the industry I feel like I want to give back what I have gained. I want to give back what I took from society and give back even more. I really hope and encourage the next generation to actually be ready to receive what will be given to them. One day they will be able to give back as well.”

When Sherman is not educating and encouraging personal growth, he spends his time working with LearnAveda to create the upcoming Men’s curriculum, while being invited to judge hair competitions such as the Asia Hair Masters Association. Sherman continues to showcase his talent through competitions such as the North American Hairstyling Awards.

“It is one thing when you say you want to do something. There is a difference between saying it, and actually doing it…LIVING IT!”

From science to hair, Sherman has proven his ability to use both the left and right side of his brain with extraordinary unity. Through innovation and patience, Sherman has carved a life path that reflects and combines his connection to hair and inevitability to technology.