October 11, 2017



90’s babies rejoice! Space Buns were a staple through the Spring/Summer festival season and the celestial style continues to be a favorite entering cooler weather. This is quite possibly due to the highly versatile nature of the look. Whether messy and knotted, sleek and smooth, piled high or half up, space buns can be achieved dozens of ways and be tailored to suit your unique style. Amanda Szyja, a recent graduate from the Aveda Institute Winnipeg, offers her own take on braided Space Buns in this step-by-step tutorial to help you take your own hair game to the next level.


The Steps 

1. To begin, make sure the hair is brushed through and tangle free so it will be easier to work with. 

2. Create sections on the top of the head for the braids. Sectioning down the middle and

along the parietal will help make clean, even sections, but they can be bigger or smaller.

Clip away the hair underneath and the section you're not working on.

3. Take a pea-sized amount of Control Paste and emulsify it in your hands. Apply it as evenly as you can to the first section left out. The Control Paste will help give you some grip and keep the braids much tighter.

4. Pick up a small subsection at the front hairline and split it into three to start the braid. Use the Control Paste to slick the baby hairs into the braid to make it neater.

5. Underhand braid back to line up with the crown. Instead of taking horizontal subsections to add to the braid, take staggered diagonal sections to keep it cleaner and keep the subsections neater.

6. Tie off the braid. It helps keep the braid tighter if you continue braiding past your section as a free hanging braid and then put the elastic around where the section ends. This prevents the braid from loosening up at all as you're wrapping it.

7. Complete another braid in the other top section.

8. Starting at the front of the braid, fan it out by pulling on the outside edges of the braid. This will make it appear thicker without having to add more hair. Pull it out more towards the back so the braid appears to get larger up to the bun.

9. When both braids are complete, you can create the buns by backcombing the free hair at the ends of the braids. After backcombing them to the desired size, wrap the ends of the hair around it and pin to the top of the braid. Make sure the pins are inside the bun so they aren't visible, and that the bun sits on top of the braid. This hides the elastic and makes the bun much easier to pin.

10. Take out the rest of the hair that was clipped away and prep it with Shampure Dry Shampoo to give it some volume before curling. Puff it into the hair and give it a good tousle.

11. Curl the hair to the desired look. I used a 3/4” inch iron and wrapped the hair like a wand. I wrapped the hair in different directions and after spraying the curls with a bit of Air Control I combed the curls out for a beachy wave kind of curl.

12. Finish with Air Control Hairspray for a touchable hold.


The Product: Control Paste, Shampure Dry Shampoo, Air Control Hairspray

The Tools: Elastics, bobby pins, sectioning comb, clips, curling iron