October 19, 2017



Braids are a simple and elegant tool for any stylist to keep in their back pocket, and while creating a single plait is a relatively simple process, Aveda Institute Calgary student Lila Piro reminds us that braids can be anything but boring. Follow her guide below for all the details to recreate this fiercely creative Fall look! 


The Steps 

1)Section the top and sides


"Start by sectioning out the two sides of the head. I like to start in the middle of the eyebrow on a slight diagonal with about a 2-inch subsection above the ear following the curve of the head and ending with about a half-inch subsection on the nape. 


When sectioning out the top of the head, use where you started to curve around the ear for the starting point of the triangle in the back, section out a triangular subsection on the back of the head. Pinning that section up and braiding/pinning the bottom section away will help keep your divisions cleaner." 


2) Braiding the Sides 


"Spray the sides with Aveda's Texture Tonic to create some extra hold. Section the sides into two parts following the round of the head. 


Start with the section above the ear and divide into 3 strands. Hold the right strand in right hand and left strand in the left hand. Bring the outside right piece underneath the middle, followed by the outside left piece underneath of the new middle strand and so on. 


When you grab the outside right piece a second time grab some of the hair that was left out, adding it into the outside piece before bringing it into the middle, repeat this underlapping each outside piece and grab a new piece from underneath pulling it tightly to keep the braid against the head. Continue this down the side of the head pulling it tight after each new subsection is grabbed to keep it close against the head." 


Pro Tip: "A good trick to keep it tight against the head is to keep your fingers pressed against the head as you are braiding." 


3) Braiding the Top 

"Braiding the top is very similar to braiding the sides, but this is to be in the style of a traditional Frend braid. Again, spray the entire section with Texture Tonic for extra hold. Starting at the hairline, divide the hair into three equal subsections underlapping right side with the middle then the left with the middle. Before repeating the crossover gather a little bit of hair from the right side adding it to the right outside stand, now cross the larger strand under the middle, and repeat on the left side. 


Continue this underlapping motion as you work back on the crown of the head. You will eventually run out of extra hair to add into the strands. Once that has happened, continue to underlap the hair without grabbing pieces from underneath. When the braid is complete, loosely tie with an elastic around the bottom and lightly pull out the braid to give it more worn-in-look." 


4) Creating Beachy Waves 

"After pinning the braid away, mist Texture Tonic over the hair that's been left out and run your fingers gently through the hair to work it through every strand. Curl the loose hair with a wand or a curling iron, grabbing small sections of the hair and wrapping it around the hot iron. Hold for about 10 seconds and let the hair fall. 


Curling each section the opposite way keeps the curls from blending together. Spray once more with Texture Tonic and let sit for a few minutes. Run a comb through the curls to loosen them and create a messier textured look." 


5) Finishing the Look

"Un-pin the braid and run your fingers through the hair again. Finish by spraying the whole look with some light hold hairspray like Air Control." 


Trending Now: To better express your own unique sense of style with this or any other braided look, you can ornament your braids with beads, rings, feathers or ribbons-whatever speaks to you! Decorative additions to simple styles like braids and ponytails are a fall trend we love. 


"Aveda taught me what the difference between waking up and doing what you love and just working. Every day I wake up I'm excited to attend school and showcase my talents in every way I can. I am very thankful for all the opportunities the Aveda Institute Calgary has given me and the many doors they have opened for me. I definitely want to pursue this as my career and continue my education as much as I can! I love the way Aveda sets itself apart from every other company, with donating to many fundraisers and countries in need, no animal testing, responsible packaging and manufacturing, the mission, and mostly the amazing talents I have learned and the words of wisdom from the many amazing people i have met along the way that I will keep with me for the rest of my life." - Lila Piro