April 18, 2016



The Toronto based blogger, Renee LeBlanc, claims she doesn’t feel like herself without a full head of blonde highlights. Even though she dyed her hair back to her natural colour (a mousey brown) about a year ago in hopes it would grow longer and become healthier, there is something about bright blonde hair that makes her feel so good, she admits its her signature colour. Most blonde girls can definitely relate to this! Renee had held off from highlights as harsh chemicals used to lighten locks can be damaging.  

Her recent opportunity to go to the Aveda Institute Toronto, after hearing about their products, Renee knew she would be in good hands lightening her hair. Luckily, Aveda uses colour that is 97% naturally derived and also has a blend of protective plant oils, so it’s much more mild and gentle on hair.  

"I arrived at the Aveda Institute Toronto where the lovely director, Kim Assar, greeted me. She gave me a walk through of the Institute where students gain the technical skills to become world-renowned stylists who truly care about the health of your hair."

The program is ten months in length and leaves you with the ability to be a successful stylist, salon owner and other amazing opportunities! All of the students looked like they were really enjoying their education experience at the Institute. If you were looking to become a hair stylist then I would highly recommend checking them out. I had such a great experience.

Now, on to my hair service: My stylist was, Darlene, who received her training through the institute and is now an educator. She started out with my highlights and we chatted about the health of my hair. Darlene was very knowledgeable when it came to hair care and what steps I should be taking to keep my hair in great condition. While we were waiting to rinse my foils I received a very relaxing (and much needed) neck and shoulder massage with peppermint oil. I could have fallen asleep right there! I really love that Aveda goes the extra mile with hair services. That alone makes me want to go back! Darlene finished off my appointment by giving my hair a gorgeous blunt cut and finished with the Dry Remedy Moisturizing Oil. I was feeling a little nervous about chopping my hair off but she did such an amazing job. My hair feels so much healthier after she worked her magic. Needless to say I left with a huge smile on my face.  

The Botanical conditioning treatment includes a deep moisture and protein infusion to your hair that will leave your strands feeling soft. Silky and shiny.   ALSO – stay tuned on Instagram for exciting giveaways with Aveda!