January 2, 2017



Aveda students CARE! 

Being an Aveda Student means cultivating a career in a culture of caring! At Aveda Institute Canada, our students care about so much, from the world we live in to the communities they service. Compassion comes alive and presents itself in so many forms around our schools. Our commitment to caring is one that is sparked over the holiday season and lasts all through the year! 2017 will only continue our legacy with daily wellness & nurturing moments. In a world full of people who couldn't care less, we strive to be the ones who couldn't care more! 

"Life becomes more meaningful when you realize the simple fact that you'll never get the same moment twice"

Bringing holiday cheer to those in need with @avedainstitutecanada by donating to the @campaignwish was just one example of a caring act. Our mission at #AVEDA is to care for the world we live in. So in the spirit of the holidays, and throughout the New Year, we will be posting special moments where we #CaughtYouCarting around our schools! These seemingly small moments create significant impact on those around us and deserve to be celebrated. 

The holiday's are a time for giving. Last week we had the privilege of beautifying the community of Vancouver downtown Eastside where we met a woman who absolutely loved @avedacanada #aircontrol but coulnd't afford it. This year a group from Aveda Institute Vancouver's September class will be sending this hairspray to the woman's home as a suprise! #CaughtYouCaring

Here is a personal feel-good story shared by one of our Calgary Educators, Clayton Campbell. His moment of caring is sure to make you warm & fuzzy...

My guest Tracy came to see me yesterday and it marked nearly two years since she started coming to me for her hair services. She was referred to me by her daughter Bailey, whom I'd worked with a couple of times before. Tracy had come to me for her first haircut in 2015 after beating a long hard battle putting her stage 4 ovarian cancer into remission. In that process she had lost all of her hair and was coming in for her first cut after starting to grow it out. Over the past two years we patiently grew out her hair and started highlighting it as it got long enough. It was amazing to watch her confidence grow as she started to look like her old self again. We talked about my own father's battle with cancer as well, and I know we both drew support and confidence from each other. Needless to say we have become very close in this time. Yesterday she came in feeling glum, and worried as she was going back in for tests in the new year. Over the span of our service we both got to laugh and tell stories and talk through what was on our minds, and she said she felt a lot better by the time we finished.

It is a very humbling position to be in not only to have someone trust you with their hair, but also to occasionally confide in you their hopes, and fears and share their lives with you. At the end of her service she said it was just what she needed to feel better, and wanted to share a video she had just finished making with AHS. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9z9i4XnE3jJNkhKb2VTVzc4YTQ/view

"It is this sort of thing that makes me happy I chose the line of work I did, not just for the impact we have on our guests, but the impact they have on me".

Stay tuned for more caring stories or share your own #CaughtYouCaring moments by using the hashtag on Instagram.