April 18, 2016



Back in high school, Courtney was dedicated to playing sports and staying active. She was the school’s go-to-girl to braid your hair before a big game, or tie it back in a way that would make losing completely immaterial. Following in the footsteps of her sister, Courtney started her career as a young, bold woman in construction, working on high-rise buildings in British Columbia for 7 straight years. Despite her passion for hair, Courtney succumbed to the logic of working in an industry she perceived as more concrete.

She continued her construction trade in Alberta for 1 more year working on bridges, keeping her inner talent hidden from the world. It wasn’t until this time where a little voice in her heart kept nudging Courtney to stay true to her passions and thirst for creative expression. 

“If you love what you do, you will never have to work a day in your life!” 

Courtney exudes everything it means to follow your inner compass to sanction unforeseen opportunities that can naturally blossom into something meaningful and rewarding. She began sourcing all of the hair schools in Canada that could build her knowledge and propel her experience within the industry. After reviewing her options, Courtney ultimately chose the Aveda Institute Vancouver to pursue her education. The positive energy she felt in the space allowed Courtney to feel effortlessly comfortable, eager to be a part of everything she was observing around her.

"Aveda's point of difference sealed the deal for me. Aveda cares for the world and the people in it. The Aveda family and support system provided ongoing personal and professional guidance throughout the program, and I faithfully wanted to be a part of that.” 

Graduating from the Aveda Institute Vancouver in 2014 and the Academy program in 2016, Courtney’s journey is profound in nature. The contrast from construction to hairstyling has provided her with invaluable growth both mentally and physically. Personal growth, balanced with professional growth creates a strong foundation for learning and distinction.  

“Aveda inspires me to live better, and I feel motivated each and everyday I continue to connect with guests and share my knowledge with them.” 

Finishing at the top of her class with the I.C.C.A.P Award (stands for: Integrity, Creativity, Community, Awareness and Passion) and retail excellence awards voted by her peers. Courtney is a humbled individual with the right amount of confidence to continue her journey as a hairstylist. Courtney is keen on pushing the boundaries of familiarity to understand the purpose of techniques and methods used in this evolving craft. 

Living and breathing the Aveda mission, Courtney now works at Civello Queen Street in Toronto, Canada. Working alongside industry leaders, Courtney has the opportunity to expand her knowledge while being privy to a dynamic environment so diverse from anything else out there. Courtney is currently on the path to becoming an Aveda ACE (Aveda Certified Educator), to travel the world, educate and expand her expertise. 

The Aveda Institute and Academy program has both supported and propelled Courtney’s desire to work with hair. Education with the Aveda tribe is unparalleled, motivating individuals to take risks and reap all the successes that follow! 

Courtney is a true representation of what it means to never give up on your dreams!