April 18, 2016



Erika first seriously considered a career in the hair industry when she attended the Aveda institute Toronto in July 2011. After finishing this program she continued onto the advanced Academy. It was during her time here that Erika learned an important lesson that attempting something is always better than not trying at all.

According to Erika when a task is seemingly too ambiguous, it is the perfect opportunity to get involved: "if you have a vision in your mind, don't try to find shortcuts to create it just because it'll take too much time or you cannot seem to figure out how to achieve it." 

Having already graduated from a fine arts degree at the University of Waterloo, Erika's family was skeptical of this developing into a long-term career. Her positive attitude and dedication proved this was much more than a hobby.

Despite her Chinese background, Erika has always had an affinity with Japanese culture. She is encouraged by Japanese work ethic and their commitment to education. Her connection with Japan was strengthened when Creative Director, Morgan Roy, introduced Erika to her long time inspiration, Masa Honda.

Erika now assists her mentor in Japan for 2 months out of the year. Through this consulting, Erika has refined her skills while consistently pushing the limits of creativity and design. With a fearless approach and a craving for continuous learning, Erika grows equally as much from working on the salon floor as she does when working on creative compositions. It is the intertwining of both tactical and visionary methods that fuel a balanced and driven entrepreneur.

Erika admits it is challenging to not always be compensated for creative works. However, it is the originative projects that most often produce the most rewarding outcomes. Erika won the Avant Garde - NAHA 2015 award for her first ever entry with a competition collection. With the use of 100% real hair Erika stayed true to her Japanese influence and re-created a simple yet detailed phoenix.

AIT's exacting educators are facilitators of cutting-edge curriculum that encourages honing your craft and pushing the limits of success. It is here that you will benefit from a team setting, while developing as an individual.

Dare to dream? Make your own reality at Aveda Institute Toronto. Most recently, on May 18, 2016, Erika was nominated for the second time for the North American Hairstylist Awards 2016 Awards for the Avant Garde category! 

Congrats to Erika for all her continued success and passion for creativity! Erika will attend the awards ceremony where they announce the winners for all categories. Stay tuned!