April 18, 2016



Aveda is pleased to announce the March 2016 Institute Scholarship winners!

5 Winners:

Chelsea Gustafson (Calgary)
Caylin Zynger (Calgary)
Nicole Santos (Winnipeg)
Kelsey Przybyslawski (Toronto)
Catherine Smarch (Vancouver)

Grand Prize: $1000.00 off Tuition

Read Chelsea & Caylin's Story. Despite the fluctuations in Calgary's economy, through their passion and perserverence these scholarship winners chose a career that they love and an industry that is here to stay.

Chelsea Gustavson's Story:

I'm the most excited to work on the editorial project. I remember hearing about it when I did the school tour and have been brainstorming ideas in my head ever since. The prospect of participating in a project that gives you hands-on experience to what it's like to work in editorial, sounded so thrilling to me! I want to see my client's grinning from ear to ear when I tell them I'm done and they take the final look.

I've spent many years dyeing my own hair and while it was fun, I am starting to realize the damage it does to your hair. Learning how to healthily and properly apply Aveda colour will be life-changing.

I believe that having a hairstyle you love is one of the biggest confidence boosters and a key element to personal style and you can't help anyone get that without the ability to pay attention to small details.

Making a personal connection with my clients is a really big focus for me because I view my short time with them as a possibility to change someone's life, even if it's in a small way, like having a meaningful conversation with them. You never know what kind of positive impact that may have on someone!

One of my biggest dreams, though, would be to take my skills and utilize them in an ultra-creative way by working alongside creative directors for editorial shoots and runway shows. I believe I have the right eye for the bold statements that are often made in the industry. I think attending the Academy would be a natural progression after my first year!

Caylin Zynger's Story:

Aveda’s colour system is just so customizable, I’m ecstatic for the amount of creativity I’m going to be able to use with my clients. And my hair may change (quite) a few times, alongside my swatches!

Straight lines and cuts are going to be going outside of my comfort zone. I know they require a ton of patience and technique, but I’m really looking forward to pushing myself and gaining a highly important skill.

The whole vibe and environment of the classrooms and salon made me want to jump in and learn. There was a photo shoot being organized when I was in there, and it was so high energy! I love seeing peoples' passion come alive, and there was such a vibrancy of it in that moment, I felt lucky to be there and to see an environment that encourages that. Seeing that passion in the other students ignited a strong sense of purpose and desire to strive for that within my own Aveda experience.

I am so excited to learn new ways in which I can be better environmentally conscious, and also learn how to sustain this throughout my career as a stylist. It’s so essential to me to be environmentally conscious, and I am so excited that Aveda will be able to teach me new ways to sustain this everyday in the salon!

I hope my experience at Aveda will allow me to not only grow as a professional, but to grow as an individual. I know the institute will be tough, and push me to be creative, and reach limits that I have never dreamed before. I am looking forward to using those instances to heighten my ability to work through challenges and come out as not only a better stylist, but also a better person.

I think my personal style when approaching hair styling is creating confidence. I would love to be able to continue on the utmost quality of education and skill that Aveda gives their students, and really pass that on to every generation of stylists. I also think it is incredibly important to have people in your life that will ignite a passion for your career within yourself, and I would love to do that eventually for other stylists or future stylists!