May 25, 2016



Congratulations to our very own Institute and Academy graduate, Jesse Ervin, who was most recently nominated for the Student Stylist category of the North American Hairstylist Award (NAHA) announced on May 18, 2016!

Jesse moved from Lethbridge, Alberta to start his hair journey at our Toronto Institute in July 2013 and continued on to our advanced level Academy Salon program in August 2014. Growing up, his inspiration has always been his mother, Kathie, who has been incredibly career-driven with a very sharp work ethic. Jesse has always been intrigued by the creativity of the hair industry. He loved working with people, drawing, creating things and to be able to travel with a craft he loves. Jesse always had big aspirations on being successful and knew he wanted to do something extraordinary!

Once Jesse started school in July 2013, he was inspired by his educators. He was amazed by how young and successful the education team was. Being a man in a hair school, he was concerned that he would be slower because he didn't grow up playing with hair like young girls did. He was determined and wanted to work hard, drawing inspiration from his mother. He began to look for inspiration and how he could be the best in this industry. He was particularly impressed by our educator, Daniella Z. a graduate from both the Toronto Institute and Academy, and how extraordinary her knowledge and skill set was. He was also inspired by our senior creative leaders, Kathy M. and Tristin M. in our schools and the creative platforms they have achieved in their careers.

For Jesse's NAHA shoot, he draws his inspiration from the city and the bold rebellious attitudes of city girls. He relied heavily on all his mentors and industry heavy hitters: Tristin Morrison, Morgan Roy, Kristjan Hayden, Armand, and our president Ray Civello for advice and direction.

Jesse has been invited to Las Vegas to attend the award show for the North American Hairstylist Awards in July where they are going to announce the winners from the top selected nominees.

Jesse continues his journey with the Aveda Institute Toronto and is now working on becoming an Educator so he can give back to future aspiring hairstylists who want to learn and be the best in this industry. He loves the hair industry and how many opportunities it opens up for young people looking to be successful in something they can work hard for. His advice for people looking into hair school is to do their research and tour the schools. The internet is full of information and resources for hair and it's important to connect with real people in the hair industry and the hair community understand the expectations in the hair industry.

We wish Jesse the best of luck and will continue to follow his promising career!