April 18, 2016



Lisa Dinh is a graduate of the Aveda Institute Toronto. Referred to the program by a fellow student at Cosmetology school, she was motivated to turn her short-lived hobby into a lifelong career. After piloting several hair school tours, the Aveda Institute Toronto was the obvious choice for a multitude of reasons. Inspired by the creative energy at AIT, Lisa was excited to start something new in an atmosphere where educators and students encourage your craft to develop. 

In a competitive industry with boundless creative expression, Lisa trusts that mindset and determination are at the epicenter of success. Aveda inspired Lisa to step outside of her comfort zone, where confined boxes and bubbles no longer exist.

"To this day, I still refer to The Aveda Colour Theory to conquer everyday challenges." 

With an all-new perspective, Lisa sees hair as a form of art and genuine expression. From her time spent at the Aveda Institute Toronto, Lisa has grown both personally and professionally, continuing to learn about herself in the process. Lisa’s journey has taught her to be strong enough to view obstacles as opportunities.  

Lisa does not allow her past to determine her future, but rather uses preceding experiences as an incentive to strive for more. The robust education from AIT balanced with Lisa’s freelance hairstyling experience has sculpted her into the successful salon owner she is today. Opening her very own salon, Lisa Dinh Studio in January 2016, has proven her expertise and business suavé. Guy Tang is Lisa’s biggest inspiration as an industry leader of trendy hair colour techniques such as Ombré and Balayage. Tang continues to be her mentor and confidant while Lisa propels her craft through hair shows and on-going business opportunities. 

"In a competitive industry that is consistently evolving, I believe greatness is achievable for everyone, not simply reserved for the chosen few."   

Lisa is a strong supporter that potential is within everyone, resting in the hands of the individuals to ignite their passions within themselves and believe it until others can see it too. Since graduating at the Aveda Institute Toronto, Lisa has worked alongside her long-time inspiration, opened her own salon and is recognized by publications such BlogTO and Village Living. Lisa Dinh has paved her own destiny in an industry full of artistic passion!  

"Those who work hard to accomplish their goals can shift their dreams into a reality."