April 18, 2016



At the tender age of 16, Nadia Bullock submersed herself into the world of hair, trying to branch out as an inspired individual. Working through an apprenticeship program, Nadia had incredible experience shadowing mentors with the company Joico. 

After a terrible ski accident that put Nadia out of work for several months, she felt an innate calling to the wellness and beauty side of the industry she had been committed to for so many years. It was at this time when Nadia began to pursue opportunities in the field that aligned with her beliefs and personal objectives.

Through her research, Nadia recognized her affinity for the Aveda brand and sought a seamless transition from a creative passion to educating students eager to learn the craft. In June 2013, Nadia went through the Aveda Academy Educator-in-Training program and took on her very first class in the spring of 2015. In addition to giving back to her students, Nadia often switches roles and learns from the aspiring artists themselves. The great possibility of stage work, competitions, collaboration with networks and being involved with a creative team enticed Nadia to become an educator to found the building blocks of her career. 

Submersed into styling on stage alongside other industry innovators and professionals, ignited Nadia’s journey through a strong network of connections. Nadia Fabbro went on to become the Canadian winner for the Aveda Global Fashionista Photographic Competition in 2015. 

“I loved seeing my storyboard and vision come to life. I value collaboration with other talented people such as photographers, makeup artists and models. This is exactly what the Fashionista competition endorsed.”

Ecstatic yet humbled, Nadia was motivated to win the Aveda Global Fashionista Competition and was elected to attend Congress, a global hair platform to inspire, educate and set the future trends of hair. With a chance to work alongside industry professional, Jon Raymond at NYFW was part of her competitive earnings. It was through this involvement where Nadia had the opportunity to meet fellow winners and industry innovators that reinforced long-term connections and an outlet for continuous inspiration.

"My inspiration can come from so many places like fashion, architecture, music, nature and traveling." 

Since childhood, Nadia wanted to be submersed in different cultures ultimately allowing her to discover new places and lifestyles. Nadia continues to grow everyday to evolve her craft. Having the foundational knowledge from the Aveda Educator-in-Training program propelled her ability to push the boundaries of creativity.