September 7, 2016



It is more common today than ever, to attend a school for something and be educated on a topic just to enter the corresponding industry and realize it’s not for you. Yadge was no different, when she got her Marketing Degree in Australia. Completely infatuated with the country, she enjoyed her environment immensely. 

Coming home to a full time job however, working for ACI brands as a Marketing Coordinator and later, Brand Manager - Yadge felt as if something was missing. She had always wanted to get into hair school but was pushed in other directions. 

One of her family friends had a similar experience and was now working at the Aveda Institute Vancouver.

Yadge thought: If she can do it, why can’t I?

 Yadge did her research and visited a lot of other hair schools in the GTA: From Donatos to Marka, Aveda Institute Toronto stood out immediately, with their website and credible curriculum. When she visited the school she was greeted with a level of professionalism and organization that did not compare to other schools.

 Yadge excelled and graduated from the Aveda Institute Toronto program in October 2015! She was eager to get her career started in hair… 

DECLARATIONS from Yadge Lukasz 

Why I chose and enjoyed the hair program at Aveda so much:

[The school had a great energy and the overall atmosphere was always very live and positive. I felt like I got more than just an education.]

 I truly felt like I was a part of something when I was there. From morning wellness to Walk for Water, the students did so much more than just learn together. Eventually through these additional activities, we evolved into a little family.  

"Aveda offered many external opportunities. Because I expressed to my educators that I was interested in upstyling, I got to work on a couple bridal bookings (outside of school) to help improve my technical skills. I also had the chance to participate in a national contest called "Aveda Loves Curls", where I transformed my model's hair". (See photo with red hair)

The Aveda curriculum is strategically designed and well structured. The discipline that the school instills in incredible and the standards of service are so high. No other school even compares to this level!

[Student Acknowledgment]

"What I loved about this program was that the harder you worked, the more you were recognized. Because of my hard work, I had the privilege of attending a class with Gerard Scarpaci, I was offered a position at Civello Queen, and voted class ambassador by my peers".

Post-Grad Accomplishments

Working part time at a salon where I am completing my apprenticeship

Being a Freelance hairstylist, working primarily in bridal with Fancy Face Inc.

My dream is to become an editorial stylist. I am currently trying to build my portfolio and gain exposure for myself by working on several freelance projects and contests with other artists. 


Congratulations to Yadge for participating in Salon Magazine's 2016 "Total Transformation" contest. (See photo)

Keep your eyes peeled for Yadge's 'So You Think You Can Style?' Winning feature in Salon Magazine's November/December issue. 

Thank you to all who voted! 


WHY Yadge chose this career...

The opportunity to be entrepreneurial by being a freelance artist. I love that as a freelance artist, I am my own brand and I control my own business.

Flexibility to lead the lifestyle I want because I regulate my own schedule - which allows me to be creative with my time! I also love being able to see the results of my work almost instantly.

I love seeing my clients happy. There is no better satisfaction than leaving work at the end of the day knowing that I made my clients feel great about their appearance. It is very rewarding and brings me a lot of pride!

 Yadge hopes to move back to Australia soon to continue building her hair career there. Best of luck to this young talent!