April 18, 2016



WaterAid is an International charity that transforms lives by improving access to safe water, hygiene and sanitation. With hundreds of partners in civil society, the government and private sectors, they provide water, sanitation and hygiene to most in need and make transformational change happen so that governments provide all of their citizens with affordable, sustainable services. Tackling the crisis from all angles, they work alongside local partners to deliver services, influence decision-makers to initiate change, and by generating incredible education and support across the world.

Collega Aveda's Toronto's headquarters relationship with WaterAid began in April 2006, when the Collega network raised $14,059.30 for clean water projects in Eastern Africa. Since then, Collega Earth Month has raised more than $3.5 million in support of WaterAid and has changed the lives of over 140,000 children, women, and men in Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and now Madagascar. 

We often take clean, drinkable water for granted, but for those who must walk long and dangerous distances to reach unsafe water, understand just how precious it is. Why Madagascar? More than 50% of the people living in Madagascar don’t have access to clean water. The NEED:  

• World’s 6th poorest country  

• Population of 22 million

• 11.7 million lack access to safe water 

• 88% lack access to proper sanitation 

Did you know that 12 of Aveda’s key essential oils used for Aroma are sourced in Madagascar?  

• Cinnamon 

• Clove 

• Eucalyptus 

• Vanilla 

• Ylang ylang  

By supporting water aid projects in Madagascar we have the unique opportunity to give back to a country directly related to the products we make and love. Something we can be proud of and a story we can share!   Celebrating a 10-year partnership with WaterAid: our network has helped change over 140,000 lives in Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and more recently Madagascar. Our headquarters in Toronto, Collega Aveda has contracted a 3-year commitment in Madagascar promising to provide access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene, affecting as many lives as possible. Our key fundraising project includes our annual nationwide Walk for Water. This walk unites water warriors from 14 cities nationwide in a 6 km walk – the average distance women and children walk everyday in rural, developing cities worldwide to collect water. 

This year’s Walk for Water was on April 25th, from 9-11 AM local time.   Appointments for Clean Water also commenced on April 25th, as various Aveda salons participated in a national fundraising event, where salon services were offered in exchange for Earth Month donations. 100% of the proceeds of salon services on that day benefited our 2016 Earth Month Campaign. $25.00 can provide 1 person with clean water for life.   “Knowing how great the work is that has been done, and how great the work is that’s about to be done with the money we are raising, is a direct reminder as to why we do this and why we need to continue to do it” – Kristjan Hayden (Creative Director, Aveda Canada).